Difference Between Human Grade Grains and Feed Grains


Recently I have made a horrible discovery and just had to put it out there because I am sure that there are a lot of people that didn’t realize this…

Feed grade grains (corn, wheat, oats, etc.) are dusted with pesticides during storage. Sometimes many times! Also it is reported that the workers sometimes urinate on the crop while working instead of wasting time walking to the bathroom or going outside.

I am sure the chance of getting pee residue in my grain is slim or at best about the same levels of animal urine that is allowed by the USDA in human grade foods. But honestly what scares me is the fresh chemicals on the surface of the feed, it’s just sitting there waiting to soak up into your chicken’s or hog’s belly. Which in turn is going straight into your belly via meat or eggs.

It is bad enough having sprayed onto the food in the field while growing but at least then there is a chance of it wearing off some or diluting by rain. This really freaks me out because I do use organic grains for feed but sometimes I resort to regular wheat and oats because of time or other factors like a shipment of my regular ingredients taking a little too long in the mail and having to make due until it arrives. I was comforted by the thought of them not being GMO at least but this is too much for me.

You can rinse them right before use which I do anyway but in my mind that can’t be helping that much.

So what’s a poor back yard farmer to do?

Well the honest answer is multipart so pick your poison…

A) You could pay for organic online. So far the best quality and price I have found is New Country Organics. They have great morals such as anti-soy and they have grains such as wheat, oats, peas, corn and kelp, etc. also. They also have great premix feeds for the whole farm. The prices are great but the shipping is where the money is. They are the same shipping as everybody else though.

B) Take the chances with feed grade grains and regular feeds. Regular non-organic feeds will be full of the pesticides, GMO, soy and we only don’t know what else.

C) Grow your own. This is the dream but not an option for must.

As always the less informed we are the more we are taken advantage of. The answer: inform yourself. You can pass whatever laws and codes you want but no one will ever care more about what your family eats than you. All the laws and codes do is make it harder on small business that want to do things different that the status queue anyway and that is the most un-American thing you can do.

I hope this gets to you and helps you even if it makes things seem more complicated by truth is always better.


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