Wet Fodder Doesn’t Seem Like It’s All That



I have been doing a lot of research on wet fodder for chickens lately. The idea that is saves money and supplies by stretching your feed further is appealing, especially if you are shelling out for organic.

But I started to wonder as I started experimenting. I know from my high school education that once the seed germinated and grows it changes the nutrition due to chemical reactions and all that. The protein levels would have to change and the kind of protein. The fiber levels and any other things too.

So in my closet nerd way I started researching on lunches and breaks at work and came across a few things. I read a study by IDOSI Publications in 2012. This study was done on barely nutrition levels and content in grain form and as fodder at day 6,7 and 8 of growing.

This paper was authored someone from the Animal Science Research Institute, Karaj Iran. Now I don’t want to get into politics and won’t but I do have a small issue with fact finding from this region.

Here are some things that stick out in this research and seem to go along with what I see in my own experimenting with a mixed fodder…

  1. The total crude protein percentage increased due to the decrease in other components including true protein. Insoluble protein stays the same.
  2. The digestibility of the fodder seems to peak at 4 days.
  3. There may be an issue with the chickens getting enough nutrition because the volume is bigger so they will get less per pound.
  4. The fiber amount grows with the sprout.

I think I am going to look into this more and I do like the idea of making the grain easier to digest. I also like the idea of getting more water into the chickens because it is hot here. Summer heat index is 99-108 usually. But for now I think I am holding off on the fodder.

I would love to get others feed back.


*Data pulled from World Applied Sciences Journal 16 (4): 531-539,2012

*Picture by farmtek.wordpress.com


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